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Over the 26 years I have been a hair stylist, I have developed an approach and philosophy to hair design.  First and foremost, I ensure you are satisfied, from start to finish.

Consult first.
I start every visit with a consultation, to find out what you're looking for.  I look at your hair and facial features, and ask about your lifestyle. Do you want your hair to have a modern, a conservative, or a professional look?  What length do you prefer?  Do you want full body or a flat look?  What do you like and dislike about your hair?  Do you want minimal maintenance, just wash and go?  How many minutes do you spend on your hair?  What, if any, hair products do you use at home?  If you like, I can show you photos of different hair styles — so you can point out what you're looking for.  This helps me visualize what you want.  

Color is my specialty.
I specialize in color, highlight, color correction, and color blending.  I show you color swatches to determine what target color you want.  With swatches, you can know what to expect, with no surprises.  I also explain the process — sometimes you cannot achieve the color you want in one visit, so I explain why that is.  For natural-looking highlights, maintenance is easy, as I add color so the outgrow is not so visible — I do this by the selection and placement of color.  I seek out and use the highest quality hair products I can find — that will keep the hair in its best condition and retain its shine.

Professional assessment.
After determining what you want, I give you my professional opinion which incorporates your expectation.  If you have strong facial features, I can suggest how your hair can be trimmed and styled to fit your face.  If a client gives me some freedom to be creative, that's where I can create a styling that fits them, within their constraints, to achieve their best overall look.  I deliver a precision cut that has balance and free movement of hair.  I go for a natural cut that grows nicely for months.  I also teach you styling techniques you can use at home to keep the salon result day after day.

In consultation, listening is key.  Consultation is important because we need to clearly communicate with each other to determine what you want, explain what I can do, and avoid misunderstandings.

I keep up to date with the latest hair styles.  I do all the work myself, from beginning to end.